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International program

Saturday 4 august 2018

>     13.00 Arriving and get a (group)room

>     14.00-17.00 Masterclass rounds (one our lesson p.p.)

>     ±18.00 : Diner

>     19.30 Workshop : Choose between Ad de Jong or Annemarieke van der Ploeg

>     22.00 end of the program. Drinks without alcohol for free

Sunday 5 august:

>     8.30 Breakfast

>     9.30-12.30 :  Masterclass rounds (60 min. lesson p.p.)

>     12.30: Lunch

>     13.30-16.00: Workshop Vincent van Amsterdam

>     ±18.00 diner

>      22.00 end of the program. Drinks without alcohol for free

>     Possibility to sleep over till Monday. We have to leave before 10.00 in the morning.

Costs total program incl. meals, drinks & sleeping over:

>     €250,-

More information:

Saturday 4 augsut 13.30-17.00 & Sunday 5 august 9.30-12.30 Masterclasses:

We have 3 teachers, by clicking on their names you go to their own website to read more about them:

>     Ellen Zijm

>     Vincent van Amsterdam

>     Ad de Jong

Saturday  4 august 2018 19.30:

Workshop Ad de Jong:

>     Learn to make a transcription for accordion

Workshop Annemarieke van der Ploeg

>     Pain prevention for accordion players

Sunday 5 august 13.30:

Workshop Vincent van Amsterdam:

>     Sound perspective & quality

All workshops are in Dutch with translation to English. Masterclasses are in Dutch or English.

Other options:

Number 1:

If you like to sleep somewhere else or follow only masterclasses, you can pay for only the lessons:

>     €60,- for a masterclass of one our

>     €15,- for a workshop

In this case you follow only lessons, no meals are included and you pay for drinks.

Number 2:

You can come together with the Dutch people and follow the full amateur program. We don't guarantee that everything will be fully translated to English.

Cost for this program  (from Friday 17.30 till Monday 10.00 ) are: €325,- including general lessons, meals and drinks without alcohol. Masterclasses excluded! You have to pay €30,- /half our for masterclasses.

Use Google translate to read this page with more information about the course

For number 2 you have to use the Dutch application form:

International program:

Special for advanced players from all over the world we have this program. You get 2 masterclasses of one our, 2 workshops, you can listen to other masterclasses, get all meals and drinks (without alcohol) for free and sleep over for 2 nights. (Saturday & Sunday).

Ellen Zijm

Ad de Jong

Vincent van Amsterdam

Annemarieke van der Ploeg

Application form

Formulier Summerschool

Application form


Site:, Mail: , Telefoon: 06 53 79 82 63

Secretariaat: Annemarieke van der Ploeg, Smitjan 10, 7475 DK Markelo (let op! niet de leslocatie!)

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